DiveQuest @ The Living Seas - 11/15/2003


Dive Report: Number 7, First Aquarium Dive,  Max Depth 27 Feet, Dive Time: 35 Minutes


Comments: DiveQuest at the Living Seas, is a program where Disney castmembers take you backstage to dive in one of the largest Aquarium tanks  in South Florida, starting off with a short follow the leader tour of the tank, you have your picture taken in an underwater bubble, afterwards you  have the rest of the time to swim and explore where you will in the tank, ending with having your picture taken  up against the glass of the viewing area. One Recommendation, Ask for two shortie wetsuits to layer, if you're the type that doesn't like cold water. It is a 35 Minute dive or so in 76 Degree water.  While the Staff are allowed to wear full wetsuits (lucky) guests have to shorties. I'd an Experience I'd recommend and I'm tempted to go back and do again, now that I have more experience under my belt.