Name: James Rowland

Age: 24 (Birthdate: 11/15/1985)

Current Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

Academic History
Associates in the Arts (Honors Diploma, Presidental Distinction) Palm Beach State College 5/2010.

Degrees Pursuing: Bachelors of the Arts, Communications Studies in Speech Communications at Nova Southeastern University, with minors in Leadership and Psychology

Bachelors of Applied Sciences, Supervision and Management in Business Administration at Palm Beach State College.

That would be some of the more boring factual self-description, I could go on a little bit more in that style, and post a near Vita up here, but I don’t think that I will quite go that far.  (So now…. A little bit of self-disclosure) Other facts, that might be interesting to know about me, I work with the Natural and Physical Sciences department on Palm Beach State College’s South campus, as  a Student Assistant. Most of my tasks, or at least on going projects would be based on class scheduling, planning, and making a case for a new science building and new programs on our campus. I also tend to work as a troubleshooter. I would like to invite any of you, if you’re down south early in the morning, drop by have a cup of coffee at Cafe Colombo CA216.

Through some amazing mentors,  I’ve been given the chance to represent Palm Beach State College four separate times on original research between the State, Local and National Collegiate Honors Councils. Twice on Sustainable Seafood, Twice on Why Honors, and Once on the the Gopher Tortoise Population at Okheeheelee Park in the West Palm Beach area. I have also had the chance to have several of my pictures published in Sanctuary the journal of the Southern Regional Honors College, and one of my photos will be showing this Fall at the Eissey Gallery on in Palm Beach Gardens.

I have served in various roles on campus with honors organizations ranging from Secretary to President, to resident almost intern. I have also served as the 2-year Community College Student Representative to the FCHC Executive Board.  I’ve also had the chance to work with Rotaract for a short while as part of the launch team at Palm Beach State College’s South campus.

Hobbies or interests, obviously, if you haven’t guessed Honors and Academia, is a major interest of mine. Other interesting aspects you may, or may not realize about me, I am a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor :) (Or at least have my certification, haven’t had a reason to pay for the Professional Liability Insurance). I’m a leadership development junkie, enjoying conferences, courses, books on the topic. In July I added Ballroom dancing to the list.

My Academic Goals, what do I want to do when I grow up? Be a student…. Ok more likely in all serious, based on what I have learned so far, I want to stay in Academia. My major goal, where I see myself being the best fit, would be in University Administration, whether that is as a Provost, Dean, or one of my first loves (and one of the things I would consider very much a part of my identity… for better or worse) in honors. There are several approaches to meet those goals, I know at one time I was considering, getting my bachelors in comm, then a masters in comm, finally a Doctorate in Higher Ed Admin or Ed Leadership with a focus on Higher Ed Admin, but after discussing with one of my mentors, I might skip the masters in communications. (I still enjoy speech communications as a field, but not sure getting a masters and teaching)

Other than my birthdate… (It doesn’t seem like I should be 24…)  this has primarily been a look forward or recent past. To look further back, I grew up as an aerospace brat (The son of a contract engineer) so before settling in South Florida at my Grandma’s house more permanantly in 2006, I had moved about 13 times, cross country, lived in Seattle, WA; Rosamond and San Diego, CA; Grand Prairie, TX (Birthplace);  Wichita, KS;  Saint Joseph, MO; and Savannah, GA.  That type of moving across county, is one of the reasons I was homeschooled from the first grade on.

My Interest, and respect for communications came out of my involvement with the Wichita Homeschool Warriors Robotics Team in 2000 and 2001. While some of you who may have had me in speech class, may not believe it, I would have been one of those students originally who would have been looking for the crucifix and garlic when it came to public speaking. ‘God bless public speaking and keep it far away from me.’  A key element added to the BEST Inc Robotics competition in 2000, was the BEST Award. that required all teams including ours to prepare a presentation for the judges, a display booth with judges interviews, a engineering notebook and spirit and sportsmanship. The team continues to place in the top three at State and Regional competitions till this day, based on the culture and foundation built in those two years.

The rest of my journey toward becoming a speech comm major took place later on after I had started working on South Campus. Since originally I would have included Communications as a minor in my degree plan, after all it’s an important skill no mater where you go in business.  But as time, and situations developed. It ended up taking over my degree plan, so by the time I got to Nova. It was my major.  I’ve had the chance to take four amazing speech classes at Palm Beach State, hopefully a fifth will be in my near future.

SPC1017 -Fundamentals of Speech Communication with Professor Enid Sefcovic (sadly she doesn’t teach at PBSC any more) (1016 when I took it)

SPC2300 – Interpersonal Communications with Professor Bobette Wolesensky (An amazing class :))

SPC2608 – Public Speaking with Professor Lori Crane
SPC2511 – Argumentation and Debate also with Professor Lori Crane.   (One of my favorite speech professors at the moment) (I also had the pleasure of having her for SLS2261 Leadership Development)

Communications is a field that crosses over into so many other fields. If the field is a study of people, it can be supplemented by communication studies, especially speech communications. (Other than perhaps the hard sciences, which is more of a study of systems, then of people).

If there are any questions about me, feel free to ask, and I’ll probably include the answer here in this bio.